The Land Transport Agency (ATT) has changed its mind on starting bus for the Tsarasaotra-Ivato axis. In order to avoid traffic jams on this new road, the ATT does not prioritize the creation of public transport for the displacement of the population despite the idea of ​​entrusting it to the bus lines of Tanà-Ivato. Since the opening of this road, the bottling begins to be created at the level of the roundabout of Tsarasaotra.
"Since the opening of the street Tsarasaotra, the traffic jam has dwindled on the side of the road Dike. Tsarasaotra Street is supposed to be a clearing road included in the Grand Tanà project, according to the government's policy conveyed by the Minister of Transport and Meteorology. In my opinion, it is not a priority to create a taxi-be line because we are not going to create a new traffic jam on the hydrocarbon road side, "explains Jeannot Reribake, ATT general manager. He continues that if it is necessary to set up a means of transport, it will be a new first class line from Ivato airport.

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