The TOP 5 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa exporting clothes to the European Union are Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya. Among them, the Big Island is the largest exporter of this textile product, since 2015. The value of its exports was about 350 million USD in 2017, according to a report published by the EDBM (Economic Development Board of Madagascar). And even if it is down compared to the previous year, the country is still at the top of the pack. Next come South Africa and Ethiopia.

Import of inputs.

In the meantime, a $ 2 million shared-cost support fund is being provided by the African Development Bank as part of the implementation of the PAPI (Investment Promotion Support Project) project. The objective is to increase the performance of Madagascar in the textile sector, by providing support to subcontracting companies. Around fifty Malagasy SMEs have been selected. To have at least three years of existence and to have a capital 100% Malagasy, are among the criteria imposed to be able to profit from this financial support.

In addition, the bidding company does not yet have to export its textile products. It should be noted that this support fund will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen their ability to invest while modernizing. These can then create more jobs and seize growth opportunities in the market for the outsourcing of certain textile accessories. In fact, big free enterprises still import large quantities of these inputs, including but not limited to buttons and sewing threads.

16 files under evaluation. As part of this project, companies working in the fields of clothing, cutting and sewing, embroidery, lace making, crochet, knitting, basket making and those specializing in manufacture of leather accessories, are targeted. In addition, they must present development projects in terms of quality, recruitment, marketing and staff training as well as working capital and investment. Thus, 16 files are currently being evaluated by the award committee after a preselection. This committee is composed in particular of the representatives of the National Malagasy Craft Center (CENAM), the Ministry of Industry and Private Sector Development, the Syndicate of Industries of Madagascar (SIM) and the firm in charge of the management. of this $ 2 million support fund.

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