Madagascar is one of the countries most affected by the measles epidemic, currently. More than ten thousand cases have been reported since late August.

Madagascar is not far from a pandemic. The measles epidemic is already present in twenty regions. "Forty-four districts in twenty regions are currently in measles epidemic, with a total of ten thousand two hundred and ninety-four cases," according to the December 10 Measles Situation, prepared by the Ministry of Public Health and presented yesterday at the Live Hotel Andava mamba. Ihorombe and Anosy are so far the only areas that are not affected by this highly contagious disease. The district of Antananarivo-ville is the most affected with five thousand nine hundred and seventy-one cases. In second place is the district of Ambato-Boeny, with seven hundred and eighty-two cases. The reported cases vary around four hundred in Marovoay, Antananarivo Atsimondrano, or Ambohidratrimo. More than five hundred cases were hospitalized, of which "80%" cases were of simple form.
In this report, the case fatality rate is 0%. "It is true that there have been reported cases of death, but as long as they do not
are not confirmed by the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar, we can not declare them, "says Dr. Manitra Rakotoarivony, Director of Health Promotion.
Many neglect led to the spread of this disease. Some doctors allow a patient to resume his activities, only a few days after the first symptoms, while he must be isolated for a fortnight, to prevent the transmission of the disease.
Good living condition
Vaccination against free measles has been underestimated by many parents. Many children are not vaccinated, while a non-immune child can infect twenty individuals in contact with him. "The virus continues to circulate in under-vaccinated communities. Immunization coverage must be at least 80% at district level.
With this resurgence of measles, the safety stock of measles vaccines has been exhausted. The Ministry of Public Health has dedicated it to children under 5 in Grand Tanà, if in our national policy, this vaccine is reserved for children of 9 months. It remains only for children of 9 months, until the arrival of orders placed by the Ministry should arrive soon. While waiting for these vaccines, those who have not yet presented the symptoms of measles, such as fever, red eyes, cough, sneezing, diarrhea, intense fatigue, the appearance of spots on the face, then all over the body, can avoid catching the disease by improving living conditions. "Already, we must avoid contact with the victims, wear a mouthwash, thoroughly clean plates and other objects used by the patient, ventilate and brighten the house. We must also strengthen our immunity with the consumption of foods containing trace elements, vitamin A, but also the fight against stress, sunshine of the house, "advise doctors. For those who have these symptoms, they must undergo treatment.

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