Promotion of organic farming. A product based on essential oils against the invasion of fall armyworms has just been launched by the Aromathera laboratory. It was presented yesterday at the National Center for Water, Sanitation and Rural Engineering (CNEAGR) in Nanisana. The armyworm is considered a voracious pest that threatens food crops in the last three years in Madagascar.

This product has been tested several times in a 20 ha maize field in Ambatondrazaka in January with the National Center for Applied Research for Rural Development (Fofifa). The product was registered just after these tests.
"This product leaves no residue on the crops. Unlike chemicals, it can withstand rain and not deteriorate, "says Karmaly Fida, general manager of Aromathera laboratory. The unique formula that this laboratory has developed is called Paragri 45. It is a self-dispensing plastic bag containing a solution based on essential oils protected by a hermetic packaging. Once removed from the packaging and placed in the fields, it releases scents of essential oils that spread over an area of ​​900 m2.
One sachet contains twelve diffusers for one hectare. After forty-five days, the used bags must be removed. "You have to put the product in the wind axis. On a surface of 900 m2, the active components of the formula are driven by the wind. All caterpillars die in a few days. Those who have changed into butterflies will not dare to lay in the fields because of the odors generated by this product, "says Santatra Rasamimanana, agricultural technician at the Aromathera laboratory. This laboratory is specialized in the research of use of the plants in the fields insecticidal domestic agricultural and veterinary since 12 years.

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