Conservation of the environment encourages the use of non-wood fuels. One solution is to turn to biomass energy.

As every year and during the month of December, the PREEB, or Biomass Energy Exchange Platform, in partnership with the Diana region and the German PAGE / ECO cooperation, did not fail to organize an event day for the first time. biomass energy, aimed at raising awareness and education about biomass energy.
This year, the day, which took place in the Great Hall of the Town Hall of Antsiranana, was placed under the theme "Alternative Biofuels to Charcoal". All speakers focused their respective discourse on the importance of using non-wood biofuels in the fight against forest degradation, yet the practice is still negligible. It is mainly limited to the use of certain agricultural residues in rural areas and chips in urban sawmills. In addition, there are cases where coal briquettes are made experimentally.
Indeed, the non-wood biofuel potential remains a theoretical value which, in the majority of cases, is not yet available for the supply of household energy consumers. At present, no alternative energy is sufficiently developed to reduce the pressure on forest resources.

Les biocombustibles au centre des cuissons

Therefore, it is undeniable that the energy derived from woodfuels occupies a prominent place in the cooking energy mix. This energy plays a strategic role in the daily life of a large majority of households.
Faced with this situation and in accordance with the requirements of the Regional Energy Plan for Biomass, the platform, in its action plan, encouraged the development of a sustainable and modern biomass energy sector, allowing the best use of resources. in biomass to meet the challenges of conservation of natural resources, energy autonomy and local development.
The manufacture of coal briquettes is at the center of the discussions despite some problems related to production. "The event day aims to encourage and supervise the production of briquettes and biogas as alternative fuels to charcoal," said Yasline Todisoa, a member of the technical unit of the platform. The opportunity presented the eight briquette producers for commercialization.

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