In 2015, the Malagasy State decided to entrust Ravinala Airports with the mission of designing to modernize and develop the two international airports of Ivato and Nosy Be.

Four years later, work is in the final stages and a state-of-the-art international airport is emerging in Ivato.

Great job

A total area of ​​17,500 m², two halls on two floors each measuring 170 meters long, fully air-conditioned, several check-in desks, a 3D scanner capable of handling 1,500 bags per hour, three other baggage scans for various utilities , escalators, elevators, spaces for trade and catering ... All infrastructures currently being installed and which will make the new terminal of Ivato International Airport, one of the largest modern infrastructures that account the country in recent years. By the beginning of 2020, it will be an international airport with six Gates and three bridges, with modern facilities that will welcome users both at departure and on arrival. In any case, work is progressing well in Ivato and normally, the inauguration will take place as planned in early 2020. "Almost 90% of the work is done," said Patrick Collard, General Manager of Ravinala Airports. It was yesterday during a visit of this big project of a total investment of 220 million euros.

Concession contract

As a reminder, in 2015, Ravinala Airports signed a 28-year concession contract for the two Antananarivo Ivato and Nosy Be Fascène airports. Formed by Groupe ADP (35% of shareholders through its subsidiary ADP Management), the Bouygues Group (20%) through Bouygues Bâtiment International and Colas Madagascar, a subsidiary of Colas, at parity, and Meridiam (45%), Since December 2016, Ravinala Airports has been operating the two airports in question. "The main responsibilities of Ravinala Airports include the design, modernization, maintenance and profitability of these two international airports which remain the property of the Malagasy State," said Patrick Collard. Specifically, for Ivato, at the time of delivery of the works, Ravinala Airports will have completed the construction of the new international terminal of 17,500 m² with an initial capacity of 1.5 million passengers. But also the renovation of the existing terminal to accommodate domestic traffic; reinforcement of the track and its complete resurfacing; the technical and environmental compliance of the installations. For Nosy Be, it will be the complete renovation of the runway as well as that of the existing terminal and the technical and environmental compliance of the facilities.

High quality

In short, the Big Island will have a year from two high quality international airports for the development of tourism. "The current structure of the airport meets the needs of the volume of traffic, but it is planned for a possible second phase in case of increase of the flow of passengers" according to always the CEO of Ravinala Airports which also has obligation to help to increase traffic. In any case, the new facilities will mark another phase in the development of tourism and air transport in Madagascar. With all that, of course, it means creating jobs and wealth. Not to mention the financial benefits that the country will receive. To mention only the 138 million euros of concession fees, the 192 million euros of taxes, the 100 million euros of VAT and the 17 million euros of social taxes. We will talk about it again.


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